Komarov Oleg

People's Artist of Ukraine

Oleg Komarov  актор  of Lesya Ukrainka National Academic Drama Theatre

In 1961 he graduated from The Kyiv State I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre Arts Institute.
Presenter of the popular radio show "Saturday to Saturday".
In 1998 Oleg Komarov received the Kotlyarevsky literary and art prize.
Also received Prize from the Ministry of Culture and Art of Ukraine, Union of Writers of Ukraine, Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine.
Since November 16, 1966 he has been working in the Lesya Ukrainka Theatre.
In 1998, O. Komarov published the book "Stories and Memories", consisting of stories and memories of actors of the Ivan Franko Theatre.
In 2001, Komarov published a second book - "Theatrical Memories. Short story", consisting of sections: "The Franko Theatre through the eyes of mychildhood" (about the actors of the Ivan Franko Theater), "The bright souls of the theatre" (about the actors of the Lesya Uktainka Theatre with whom the actor worked), the last two sections are short stories. This book can be read in the reading room of the Vernadsky library.