Old Wives? Summer

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by Ivan Menchell
Image Old Wives? SummerImage Old Wives? Summer
Lidia Yaremchuk Nadiya Kondratovska Anna Varpakhovska, Lidia Yaremchuk Lidia Yaremchuk Anna Varpakhovska, Nadiya Kondratovska Anna Varpakhovska Anna Varpakhovska, Nadiya Kondratovska Anna Varpakhovska, Lidia Yaremchuk
Age limit

Two-act lyrical comedy
Running time: 2 hours 40 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 25 November 2007

Production – Gryhoriy Ziskin (Canada)
Set Design – David Borovsky
Designer-executor – Olena Drobna
Translation from English – Mykhailo Barsky (Stage Version of Leonid Varpakhovsky Theatre )

The performance includes music from the works of Elmer Bernstein.

Within the scope of international theatre project “Ukraine-Canada-Russia”) ("Cemetery club", 2006)


Ivon Menchell is one of the most popular American comedians of our days. He is the author of numerous plays and screen scripts. Our viewer is familiar with him as the creator of the American original source of the TV series "My Fair Nanny".


Old Wives' Summer is a funny and touching story of three New York women in their “late 50s”. Their families have been friends for many years. Each of their meetings is a cascade of hilarious situations in which the tempers of three extraordinary characters are clearly manifested. Laugh and tears, love, joy and sadness go through their whole lives. Sophisticated script of the play is filled with warmness and special humour.


Old Wives' Summer is the unforgettable performance with bright characters played by amazing actors, great scenery, costumes, and music.



Varpakhovsky Theatre was created in Montreal (Canada) in 1995. The theatre is named after an outstanding Russian director, theatrical figure, teacher, student of Vs.E. Meyerhold, People's Artist of the RSFSR Leonid Varpakhovsky (1908-1976).


For the time of its existence, the theatre performed the following plays: “Uncle’s Dream” by F. Dostoevsky, “A Bench” by A. Hellman, “If Everything Goes Wrong” by J.J. Bricker and M. Lasega, “Wolves and Sheep” by A. Ostrovsky, “The Last Love” by V. Mukhariamov (based on the short story by B. Zinger with the same name), “A Billion for Heirs” P. Sheno, “Four Arguments for Marriage” by R. Baer, “A Family Dinner” by M. Camoletti, “Anti-Play for Anti-Audience” by Jamiak, “Old Wives’ Summer” by I. Menchell.


The troupe of the theatre, working on terms of enterprise, includes professional actors living and working in North America, as well as stars of the Russian stage.

The theater performs in Russian taking into account the interests and needs of Russian speakers in Canada, USA, and Europe.


The artistic management of the theatre is carried out by director Grigory Ziskin and Honoured Artist of Russia Anna Varpakhovskay.


Doris  Nadiya Kondratovska
Lucille  Anna Varpakhovska
Ida  Lidia Yaremchuk
Sem  Oleg Savkin
Mildred  Anna Natalushko