A Family Dinner

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by Marc Camoletti
Image A Family DinnerImage A Family Dinner
Boris Voznyuk, Yuri Hrebelnik, Tetiana Nazarova Oleg Savkin, Olena  Stefanska Oleg Savkin, Yuri Hrebelnik Hanna Hrinchak Oleksandra Yena, Oleg Savkin Hanna Hrinchak Oleksandra Yena, Yuri Hrebelnik, Oleg Savkin Oleksandra Yena, Yuri Hrebelnik Yuri Hrebelnik, Olena  Stefanska Oleksandra Yena, Yuri Hrebelnik, Olena  Stefanska Oleksandra Yena, Oleg Savkin Oleksandra Yena, Yuri Hrebelnik, Oleg Savkin Oleg Savkin, Olena Chervonenko Olena  Stefanska Yuri Hrebelnik, Olena  Stefanska Oleksandra Yena Yuri Hrebelnik, Olena Chervonenko Natalia Kudria Oleg Savkin Olena  Stefanska Yuri Hrebelnik, Tetiana Nazarova Anna Varpakhovska Natalia Kudria Anna Varpakhovska Yuri Hrebelnik Hanna Hrinchak Hanna Hrinchak, Nadiya Kondratovska Natalia Kudria Yuri Hrebelnik, Oleg Savkin Olena Chervonenko
Age limit

Two-act comedy
Running time: 2 hours 20 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 25 October 2009

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26 May, Sunday
2 June, Sunday
16 June, Sunday
4 July, Thursday

Director – Gryhoriy Ziskin
Director of the renewal – Borys Vozniuk

Set Design update – Oleksii Vakarchuk
Costume Design – Olena Drobna
Translation from French by Olena Slavinska

Within the scope of international theater project 



On that quiet beautiful evening, nothing foreshadowed storms. A wife was going to visit her beloved mom, a husband was silently excited about the soon meeting of his young lover. But then the phone rings and ... one word of untruth is a small lie, a few phrases are a big deception, and the substitution of concepts is already, forgive, an exciting game. As one of the characters said: “That is the game called “A Friendly Family”. Usually, they play it after dinner. Everyone is relative of someone, and they have affairs with others. And you guess who is a relative, and who is a lover. And the more lovers you have, the more points you get.”


Games people play always thinking that they control the situation but in some time, the game has its own rules. Fortunately, in our case everyone was left satisfied because “A Family Dinner” is a comedy. All the characters have their own sins, so they understood each other very well. And maybe some of them even understood something...


Bernard, husband  Oleg Savkin 26.5, 2.6  Boris Voznyuk
Jacqueline, wife  Natalia Kudria 26.5, 16.6  Tetiana NazarovaOlena Stefanska 2.6 
Robert, friend  Yuri Hrebelnik
Suzette, cook  Nadiya Kondratovska 26.5, 16.6  Anna VarpakhovskaOleksandra Yena 2.6 
Georges, cook's wife  Evgen Lunchenko 26.5, 2.6  Volodymir OsadchiyVolodymir Raschuk
Suzanne, mistress  Olena Chervonenko 26.5, 2.6  Hanna Hrinchak