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Maryna Smilyanets
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Oleg Zamyatin Mariia Agapitova, Mykhailo Hanev, Oleg Zamyatin Mariia Agapitova, Oleg Zamyatin Mykhailo Hanev, Oleg Zamyatin Oleksandr Hrekov, Oleg Zamyatin Oleg Zamyatin, Valeriya Sahakyan Oleksandr Hrekov, Oleg Zamyatin Oleg Zamyatin, Yelysaveta Royenko Mykhailo Hanev, Anastasia Piskovets
Age limit

One-act comedy
Running time 1 hour 20 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 30 March 2023

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30 May, Thursday
11 June, Tuesday

Production – Dmytro Morozov
Set Design – Kostiantyn Kravets
Choreographer – Mariia Kizub
Assistant director – Tetiana Rodionova

An aspiring director comes to a village where a well-known actor in the past, who finally broke with art, lives as a hermit. The guy's goal is to persuade the Master to act in his film. A lot of surprises await the young director...


Kostiantyn Kostiantynovych  Oleg Zamyatin
Maksym  Mykhailo HanevOleksandr Hrekov
Alina  Darya KatashynskaAnastasia PiskovetsYelysaveta Royenko
Cat  Mariia AgapitovaValeriya Sahakyan