The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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by Simon Stevens after Mark Haddon's novel
Image The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TimeImage The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Oleksandr Kobzar, Vladyslav Meleshko Hanna Hrinchak Vladyslav Meleshko Oleksandr Kobzar Vladyslav Meleshko, Oleksandr Kobzar Vladyslav Meleshko Natalia Dolya Lidia Yaremchuk, Vladyslav Meleshko Tetyana Ostapenko Vladyslav Meleshko Vladyslav Meleshko Natalia Dolya Natalia Kudriavtseva, Vladyslav Meleshko Oleksandr Kobzar Vladyslav Meleshko Vladyslav Meleshko Oleksandr Kobzar, Vladyslav Meleshko Hanna Hrinchak, Volodymir Osadchiy Natalia Dolya, Vladyslav Meleshko Vladyslav Meleshko Oleksandr Kobzar, Vladyslav Meleshko Oleksandra Yena, Vladyslav Meleshko Natalia Dolya, Volodymir Raschuk Hanna Hrinchak Oleksandr Kobzar Iryna Novak, Volodymir Osadchiy Olexander Valyuk, Maxim Nikitin, Tetyana Ostapenko Natalia Dolya, Volodymir Raschuk Hanna Hrinchak, Oleksii Polischuk
Age limit

Two-act performance 
Running time: 2 hours 15 min. 

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 27 April 2018

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13 June, Thursday
7 July, Sunday

Production – Kyrylo Kashlikov
Set and Costume Designer – Olena Drobna
Musical Solution – Vladislav Tenenbaum
Visual Appearance of the Performance – «Front Pictures»
Choreographer – Olga Goldys
Video Design – Oleksiy Rabin, Andriy Ryabin, Olexander Shabanov
Scenic Speech – Anna Grinchak
Stage Manager – Sergiy Litvin, Svitlana Roenko 
Translation from English – Anna Ivanchenko
Songs in the Performance – So Close, Max Richter - Sarajevo 

The play has been provided to the theater with the kind permission of Warners Bros. Entertainment

The performance is based on the novel by Mark Haddon, which has long become a world bestseller.
A dead neighbour dog is laying in front of Christopher. It is seven minutes past midnight, and the boy is the main suspect. Christopher decides to find the killer of the dog, not assuming that this investigation will throw him into the very hell of complex and unpredictable adult relationships, and force him to do the impossible - to change the usual course of life


Christopher Boone has a phenomenal memory and treats animals well, but he doesn’t stand to be touched and doesn’t understand anything in human emotions. He loves red colour, the Apollo mission, by Sherlock Holmes and dreams of becoming a mathematician.
This story, where the detective story is intertwined with melodrama and comedy, is full of deep drama: an adolescent with autism unable to experience emotions helped adults to solve an unbearable task for them, to learn to love each other.


The perfomance contains loud noises and gunshots.


Christopher Boone  Vladyslav Meleshko
Siobhan, Christopher's teacher  Hanna Hrinchak
Ed, Christopher's father  Oleksandr Kobzar
Judy, Christopher's mother  Natalia Dolya 13.6  Iryna Novak
Mrs. Alexander  Nadiya KondratovskaNatalia KudriavtsevaLidia Yaremchuk 13.6 
Mrs. Shears  Oleksandra Yena
Roger Shears  Volodymir RaschukPetro Sova 13.6 
Desk sergeant  Volodymir OsadchiyVitalii Ovcharov 13.6 
Mrs. Gascoyne, the head of Christopher's school  Tetyana Ostapenko
Reverend Peters  Evgen Khramtsov 13.6  Vitalii Ovcharov
First policeman / Cashier  Maksym AvksentievMaxim Nikitin 13.6, 7.7 
Train station policeman  Valeriy Haifulyn
Woman on the street/ Woman in the train  Mariia Honcharova 13.6  Dariia Khvostenko 13.6  Kateryna Meleshko
Christopher's friends  Mariia AgapitovaMykhailo HanevOleksandr HrekovOleh HudykIllya IsaienkoDariia KhvostenkoOlexander KriuchkovEvhen OvcharovYaroslav PrykopHelena SerhutinaDaryna Stepankova