The Name

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by Alexandre de La Patelliere and Matthieu Delaporte
Image The NameImage The Name
Oleksandra Yena, Oleksii Polischuk Oleksandra Yena, Alisa Tunkevich Maxim Nikitin Maxim Nikitin, Alisa Tunkevich Olexander Valyuk Oleksandra Yena Maxim Nikitin, Alisa Tunkevich Maxim Nikitin, Oleksii Polischuk Olexander Valyuk Olexander Valyuk, Oleksandra Yena, Oleksii Polischuk Oleksandra Yena, Oleksii Polischuk
Age limit

One act comedy

Running time: 1 hour 30 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 23 September 2020

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2 July, Tuesday

Director Maxim Nikitin
Art direction by Olena Drobna
Lighting by Oleksii Sokolovskyi
Assistant director Denys Stepenko

What was supposed to be an ordinary family dinner has turned the lives of the family upside down. Nobody expected that choosing a name for a child would be such a contentious topic. It turns out to be a pretext for venting all the pent-up tension, disappointment and doubts. Follow the events and lessons the family learns as the story unfolds before your eyes.


The perfomance contains scenes of tobacco use.


Elizabeth Garot-Larchere  Oleksandra Yena
Pierre Garot, her husband  Oleksii Polischuk
Claude Gatignole, Elizabeth's childhood friend  Olexander Valyuk
Vincent Larcher, Elizabeth's brother, Pierre's childhood friend  Maxim Nikitin
Anna Karavati, Vincent's fiancee  Alisa Tunkevich