University of Laughs

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by Koki Mitani
Image University of LaughsImage University of Laughs
Hlib Suryaha Pavlo Tekuchev Hlib Suryaha, Pavlo Tekuchev Hlib Suryaha, Pavlo Tekuchev Hlib Suryaha, Pavlo Tekuchev Pavlo Tekuchev Hlib Suryaha Hlib Suryaha, Pavlo Tekuchev

One-act comedy
Running time: 1 hour 20 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 29 February 2020

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14 July, Sunday

Set design by Hlib Suryaha, Pavlo Tekuchev
Art by Olena Drobna
Sound by Alla Muravska
Lighting by Anatolii Burov
Choreography by Alla Rubina
Assistant director Mykhailo Heykrayter

The performance was created on the basis of the independent work of actors of the Theater

Censor and Author work together. Censor critiques, Author revises. More often than not, the text benefits from it. Imagination beats everything! Some of Censor's ideas are certainly full of it. Apart from working on a comedy play they sometimes talk to each other. We get to know them better over a week they spend together working. Pedantic Censor (""I'm devoid of the sense of humor"") and a kowtowing Author, ready to do anything to have his play accepted. Kowtowing is his way of countering censorship and he turns all critique into jokes, and Censor seems to be going along with it, even though he doesn't have a sense of humor... However, this does dramatically change his attitude towards the Author, his play and theatre. This play is a goldmine of fine quotes. Art is lifechanging, laughter is healing. They say that truth is born in laughter.


CENSOR, security officer  Hlib Suryaha
AUTHOR  Pavlo Tekuchev