Run for Your Wife

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by Ray Cooney
Image Run for Your WifeImage Run for Your Wife
Vitalii Ovcharov, Petro Sova, Natalia Shevchenko Olena Nescheret, Maxim Nikitin Natalia Shevchenko Olga Kulchytska Andriy Ponomarenko, Petro Sova, Olena Chervonenko Maxim Nikitin, Andriy Ponomarenko, Petro Sova Yurii Dyak, Olga Kulchytska Olga Kulchytska, Maxim Nikitin Yurii Dyak, Petro Sova, Olena Chervonenko Andriy Ponomarenko Natalia Shevchenko Olena Nescheret, Maxim Nikitin, Vitalii Ovcharov Yurii Dyak Mykhailo August, Vitalii Ovcharov, Petro Sova Maxim Nikitin, Petro Sova, Natalia Shevchenko Olena Nescheret, Maxim Nikitin, Vitalii Ovcharov Olena Nescheret, Maxim Nikitin Vitalii Ovcharov Maxim Nikitin Mykhailo August, Maxim Nikitin Petro Sova, Natalia Shevchenko Vitalii Ovcharov Petro Sova, Olena Chervonenko Petro Sova Andriy Ponomarenko, Petro Sova Kyrylo Kashlikov, Olga Kulchytska Olga Kulchytska Kyrylo Kashlikov Mykhailo August, Anna Natalushko Petro Sova, Olena Chervonenko Andriy Ponomarenko, Petro Sova Olena Chervonenko Olena Chervonenko Maxim Nikitin, Petro Sova Mykhailo August, Olga Kulchytska, Maxim Nikitin Mykhailo August, Olga Kulchytska, Petro Sova Olena Nescheret, Petro Sova Natalia Shevchenko
Age limit

Two-act comedy
Running time: 2 hours 20 min. 

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 7 May 2004

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3 December, Sunday
21 December, Thursday
3 January, Wednesday
16 January, Tuesday
31 January, Wednesday

Production – Irina Barkovska 
Director – Oleg Nikitin 
Production Designer – Olena Korchyna
Musical Arrangement – Vita Shpakovska 
Translation from English and Stage Edition – Mykhailo Mishyn 
(Stage Version of Theatre)

Our public morale is flexible enough and it is easily corrected by society. You may hardly be surprised by celebrity affairs. The pages of colorful magazines and newspapers are abundantly filled with spicy details from a strange, distant life ... In the end, fashion trends also affected the typical man in the street. Who could think that the simple and humble taxi driver might be so good in his role of intriguer and adventurer. But, as they say, in still waters ...


A man with a reputation of a goody-goody family man managed to live a double life: two sweet homes, two sweet wives unaware of each other. 


However, the accidental incident literally turned the calm existence of a loving taxi driver. At the risk of being exposed, he embarks on such jungles of fiction, from which there is no turning back.


The dynamics of the comedy story by Ray Cooney fascinates, allows you to turn creative imagination in full force. Sparkling, vivid dialogues are filled with magnificent irony, without which our perception of life would be too mediocre ...


John Smith  Petro Sova
Mary Smith  Olga KulchytskaOlena Nescheret 3.12, 21.12 
Barbara Smith  Olena Chervonenko 21.12  Natalia Shevchenko 3.12 
Stanley Pooney  Kyrylo KashlikovMaxim Nikitin 3.12, 21.12 
DS Troughton  Mykhailo August 3.12, 21.12  Vitalii Ovcharov
DS Porterhouse  Vitalii Ovcharov 3.12  Andriy Ponomarenko 21.12 
Bobby Frankyln  Yurii Dyak 3.12  Viatcheslav NikolenkoVolodymir Osadchiy 21.12 
Reporter  Andrii Kovalenko 21.12  Albert Malik 3.12  Vitaliy Meterchuk