The Wonderful Wizard

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After Frank Baum's fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz"
Image The Wonderful WizardImage The Wonderful Wizard
Olexander Valyuk, Kateryna Shkola Olexander Valyuk, Kateryna Shkola Kateryna Shkola Taisiya  Boyko Illya Isaienko, Hlib Suryaha Tetyana Ostapenko Vitaliy Meterchuk Mariia Honcharova, Vladyslav Meleshko, Kateryna Meleshko, Viatcheslav Nikolenko Vladyslav Meleshko, Kateryna Meleshko Olexander Kriuchkov Tetyana Ostapenko Illya Isaienko, Viatcheslav Nikolenko, Hlib Suryaha Olexander Valyuk, Kateryna Shkola Olexander Valyuk, Kateryna Meleshko Olexander Kriuchkov Olexander Valyuk Kateryna Meleshko, Vladyslav Meleshko Taisiya  Boyko Olexander Valyuk, Kateryna Meleshko Olexander Kriuchkov, Vitaliy Meterchuk Kateryna Meleshko Taisiya  Boyko Illya Isaienko Hlib Suryaha, Vladyslav Meleshko, Kateryna Meleshko

Musical performance-fairy tale with no intermission
Running time: 1 hour 20 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 27 December 2017

Director – Olga Gavrilyuk
Set and Costume Design – Yuri Larionov
Composer – Zoltan Almashy
Sound Designer – Alla Muravska
Concertmasters – Vadim Askevych, Egor Gorshkov 
Computer Videographic Designer – Oksana Shynkaryuk

Stage Version by Olga Gavrilyuk 

«The Wonderful Wizard of Oz» is one of the most wonderful, bright, and mysterious fairy tales in the childhood reading.


The story of a little girl Molly who overcomes difficult challenges together with her puppy Toto allows nobody to stay indifferent. This this because during the challenges she not only finds new friends: Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Lion, but will help them to make their most cherished dreams come true. Finding themselves in the country of Zhevuny by the intent of the evil sorceress Bastinda, Molly will face the great and terrible wizard Ruben, and all heroes of the fairy tale will find, above all, themselves. And, the most wonderful thing is that the Theater magic world will help that because everything is possible here! 


The perfomance contains strobe lighting, artificial smoke and loud noises and gunshots.

Kids older than 5 need their own ticket.


Molly  Kateryna MeleshkoKateryna Shkola
Toto  Vladyslav MeleshkoOlexander Valyuk
Bastinda  Taisiya BoykoTetyana Ostapenko
Strasheela  Viatcheslav Nikolenko
Iron Lumberjack  Hlib SuryahaPavlo Tekuchev
Lion  Valeriy HaifulynIllya IsaienkoVitaliy Meterchuk
Ruben  Olexander KriuchkovKyrylo Nikolaev
Saber-toothed Tigers, Flying Monkeys, Munchkins  Mariia AgapitovaDina AndriichukMaksym AvksentievMykhailo HanevMariia HoncharovaOleksandr HrekovOleh HudykZakhar KermoshchukVladyslava KorovaiiOlexander KriuchkovVladyslav MeleshkoVitaliy MeterchukKyrylo NikolaevViatcheslav NikolenkoVolodymir OsadchiyEvhen OvcharovYelysaveta RoyenkoDmytro SimonenkoNikita SnisarenkoOleksandr SokolenkoHlib SuryahaPavlo TekuchevAngelina TekuchevaOlga UzunStepan Yanchuk