Holy Family

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after Aldo Nicolaj
Image Holy FamilyImage Holy Family
Vladyslav Meleshko, Olena Nescheret Kateryna Shkola Kateryna Shkola Kateryna Shkola Oleksandra Yena, Albert Malik, Victor  Semyrozumenko, Liubov  Tyshchenko Liubov  Tyshchenko Oleksandra Yena, Albert Malik, Valerii Rozhdestvenskyi , Victor  Semyrozumenko, Liubov  Tyshchenko Albert Malik, Valerii Rozhdestvenskyi , Victor  Semyrozumenko Dina Andriichuk, Albert Malik Oleksandra Yena, Oleksandr Sokolenko Oleksandra Yena, Oleksandr Sokolenko, Kateryna Shkola
Age limit

One-act criminal comedy
Running time: 1 hour 20 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 5 November 2021

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18 September, Wednesday
28 October, Monday

Directed by Oleksandr Stepanstsov
Scenography by Oleksii Vakarchuk
Costume design by Valentyna Plavun
Music by Oleksandr Stepanstsov
Choreography by Natalya Burlaka
Assistant director Mykhailo Heykraiter
Sound design by Tenyana Bila, Hryhorii Mokrytskyi
Lighting by Natalya Hnatiuk, Ihor Holovachov
Translated from Italian by Valeriia Nikolayeva

Father, mother and son of the ""holy"" Caruccho family who live in the poorest neighborhood of a large Italian city are struggling, much the same as other fellow families, to come to terms with the uncertainty of fate. In spite of poverty and unemployment, they, with childlike kindness and naivety are hoping to make their dreams come true and to forget the sad moments of their lives. Then, one day, they find themselves in the midst of a truly Italian plot full of passion, madness, unexpected and paradoxical turns.


Alfonso Carucco, the head of the family  Volodymir OsadchiyVictor Semyrozumenko 18.9 
Margarita  Olena Nescheret 18.9  Oleksandra Yena
Mario, their son  Albert Malik 18.9  Vladyslav MeleshkoOleksandr Sokolenko
Luisa, Mario's fiancee  Dina Andriichuk 18.9  Darya Katashynska
Giovanni Batista, their neighbor  Valerii Rozhdestvenskyi
Vilda  Kateryna Shkola 18.9  Olena SylantievaLiubov Tyshchenko