Ladies' Tailor

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by Georges Feydeau
Image Ladies' TailorImage Ladies' Tailor
Angelina  Tekucheva Nataliia Serhiienko, Angelina  Tekucheva, Hlib Suryaha, Natalia Shevchenko Vladyslav Meleshko, Pavlo Tekuchev Vitaliy Meterchuk, Dariia Khvostenko Darya Katashynska, Dmytro Simonenko Vladyslav Meleshko, Natalia Shevchenko Hlib Suryaha, Pavlo Tekuchev Olexander Kriuchkov, Angelina  Tekucheva, Hlib Suryaha, Natalia Shevchenko Angelina  Tekucheva, Pavlo Tekuchev Vladyslav Meleshko, Olena Topol, Dariia Khvostenko Dariia Khvostenko, Vitaliy Meterchuk Olena Topol, Vladyslav Meleshko Vitaliy Meterchuk, Olexander Kriuchkov Dmytro Simonenko, Vitaliy Meterchuk, Darya Katashynska Vladyslav Meleshko, Darya Katashynska Vitaliy Meterchuk, Andrii Kovalenko Dmytro Simonenko, Vladyslav Meleshko Dmytro Simonenko, Olexander Kriuchkov Dmytro Simonenko, Vitaliy Meterchuk Dmytro Simonenko, Mariia Agapitova Nataliia Serhiienko, Dmytro Simonenko Andrii Kovalenko, Vitaliy Meterchuk Olexander Kriuchkov, Vitaliy Meterchuk Mariia Agapitova, Pavlo Tekuchev Olexander Kriuchkov, Vladyslav Meleshko, Pavlo Tekuchev, Dariia Khvostenko Olena Topol, Dariia Khvostenko Vitaliy Meterchuk, Natalia Shevchenko Angelina  Tekucheva Mariia Agapitova, Vladyslav Meleshko Olexander Kriuchkov, Olena Topol Natalia Shevchenko Pavlo Tekuchev Andrii Kovalenko, Vitaliy Meterchuk, Angelina  Tekucheva
Age limit

Two act comedy
Running time: 2 hours 15 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 19 February 2021

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22 December, Friday
8 January, Monday
24 January, Wednesday

Directed by Dmytro Morozov
Supervising director Mykhailo Reznykovych
Scenography by Ihor Nesmiyanov
Costume dessign by Olena Drobna
Lighting by Anatolii Burov
Choreography by Olha Holdys
Translation from French by Olena Slavinska

As it is customarily the case with French comedies, this play is fun, spicy and lighthearted. A love story turns into an unexpected plot twist in which young doctor Moulinot has to pretend to be a ladies' tailor. His predicament is made even worse by others who are tangled up and confused by their own lies. This is the story about how a lie taken too far can land one into an impossible situation.


Moulinot  Vitaliy MeterchukPavlo Tekuchev 22.12 
Bassine  Andrii KovalenkoVladyslav Meleshko 22.12 
Oban  Dmytro SimonenkoHlib Suryaha 22.12 
Etienne  Zakhar KermoshchukOlexander Kriuchkov 22.12 
Ivonne  Dariia Khvostenko 22.12  Angelina Tekucheva
Susanna  Darya Katashynska 22.12  Nataliia Serhiienko
Madame Egreville  Natalia Shevchenko 22.12  Olena Topol
Rosa  Mariia Agapitova
Georgette  Kateryna MeleshkoYelysaveta Royenko 22.12