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"Before the Dawn" after I. Bukovchnan
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Victor Aldoshyn, Kseniia Nikolaieva, Anatolii Yashchenko Oleksandr Hrekov, Victor  Semyrozumenko Kateryna Meleshko Sergii Oziryanyi Yurii Dyak Oleksandr Hrekov, Lyudmyla Kurmel, Olena Chervonenko Vladyslava  Korovaii Dina Andriichuk, Oleksandr Hrekov, Victor  Semyrozumenko Kseniia Nikolaieva, Victor  Semyrozumenko, Anatolii Yashchenko Vitalii Ovcharov, Valerii Rozhdestvenskyi , Dmytro Savchenko Vitalii Ovcharov Dina Andriichuk, Yurii Dyak Olena Chervonenko Kateryna Meleshko Tetyana Ostapenko Sergiy Berezhko, Vitalii Ovcharov, Dmytro Savchenko Dariia Khvostenko Hlib Suryaha Sergiy Berezhko Kseniia Nikolaieva Lyudmyla Kurmel, Hlib Suryaha Sergiy Berezhko, Vitalii Ovcharov, Dariia Khvostenko, Olena Chervonenko
Age limit

Two-act drama
Running time: 2 hours 05 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 3 December 2022

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16 July, Tuesday

Directed by Oleksandr Stepantsov
Scenography by Olena Drobna
Costume design by Kostyantun Kravets
Assistant director Mykhailo Heykraiter

The events are set in a small Slovak town occupied by Nazis in 1944, after the suppression of the Slovak National Uprising.

Ten locals are locked up in an abandoned movie theatre. They are from very different walks of life but all are here for breaking the curfew. They are unaware that an attempt on the city commandant's life was made tonight and what it means for them. When threatened, they are forced to rely on their survival instinct.

It is apparent that the author of the play Ivan Bukovchan knew exactly what people think, feel and discuss under occupation. What Fanka and Ondrej dreamt about and what words they wish to say to each other before the sun rises.


Fanka  Dariia KhvostenkoVladyslava Korovaii
Ondrej  Oleksandr HrekovOleksandr Sokolenko
Terezchak  Victor AldoshynSergiy Berezhko
Babiakova  Lyudmyla KurmelTetyana Ostapenko
Shustek  Vitalii OvcharovVictor Semyrozumenko
Ugryk  Yurii DyakDmytro Savchenko
Unknown  Hlib Suryaha
Tomko  Serhii DetiukAnatolii Yashchenko
Pharmacist's wife  Olena ChervonenkoKseniia Nikolaieva
Marika  Dina AndriichukKateryna Meleshko
Fishl  Sergii OziryanyiValerii Rozhdestvenskyi