No. 13

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by Ray Cooney
Image No. 13Image No. 13
Mariia Honcharova, Petro Sova Petro Sova Andrii Kovalenko Darya Katashynska, Vladyslav Meleshko Olexander Valyuk, Petro Sova Vladyslav Meleshko Olena Chervonenko Vladyslav Meleshko, Stepan Yanchuk Dina Andriichuk, Andrii Kovalenko, Helena Serhutina Vladyslav Meleshko, Petro Sova Andrii Kovalenko, Evhen Ovcharov, Petro Sova Vladyslav Meleshko, Petro Sova Helena Serhutina, Petro Sova, Hlib Suryaha Petro Sova, Hlib Suryaha Vladyslav Meleshko, Kateryna Meleshko Andrii Kovalenko, Evhen Ovcharov Olexander Valyuk, Victor  Semyrozumenko, Petro Sova Andrii Kovalenko Mariia Agapitova, Stepan Yanchuk Andrii Kovalenko, Helena Serhutina Andrii Kovalenko Darya Katashynska, Vladyslav Meleshko Andrii Kovalenko, Olena Chervonenko Mariia Agapitova, Petro Sova Mariia Honcharova, Andrii Kovalenko Dina Andriichuk, Andrii Kovalenko Vladyslav Meleshko, Kateryna Meleshko Victor  Semyrozumenko, Petro Sova Mariia Agapitova, Olexander Valyuk Dina Andriichuk, Andrii Kovalenko Vladyslav Meleshko, Kateryna Meleshko Petro Sova, Hlib Suryaha Victor  Semyrozumenko, Petro Sova Evhen Ovcharov Vladyslav Meleshko, Olena Chervonenko Vadym Yermishyn, Vladyslav Meleshko, Petro Sova Andrii Kovalenko, Hlib Suryaha Olena Chervonenko, Stepan Yanchuk Vadym Yermishyn, Vladyslav Meleshko Vladyslav Meleshko Vadym Yermishyn, Vladyslav Meleshko, Petro Sova Darya Katashynska, Petro Sova
Age limit

Two-act comedy of our days 
Running time: 2 hours 30 min. 

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 27 April 2002

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4 December, Monday
13 December, Wednesday
31 December, Sunday
17 January, Wednesday
30 January, Tuesday

Stage Version by Irina Barkovska
Director of the renewal – Kyrylo Kashlikov
Set Designer – Olena Korchyna
Costume Designer – Olena Drobna

Composer – Vita Shpakovska 
Assistant Director – Serhii Lytvin, Svitlana Royenko

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No.13 (Mad Night or Pigden’s Wedding) by Ray Coony its a comedy of situations beloved by audience but yet fascinating and funny – you never know what surprises the destiny has for the heroes.


Quite innocent affair of the prime minister assistant with his boss's secretary may turn into a scandal or even a murder any minute. It is crucial to prevent the cat come out of the bag, especially that none of the heroes wants that. That is why the central figure shall become a person who thinks out of the box and makes fast and elegant decisions. Surprisingly even for himself, George Pigden, the secretary of the Prime Minister’s Assistant becomes such decisive man. He changed so many roles in that really long night. He was the young husband of a strange wife and the seducer of an old maid, he was promised to be killed by his disgraced husband, and unsatisfied women were hunting for him. Above all that, he was forced to handle a cold dead body of a former detective pushed by a window frame, a body that... well, let an intrigue be an intrigue.


And there is more... The situation changes breathtakingly fast. Enchanting developments, surprising twists, funny actions and sayings, all that creates funny atmosphere and a good mood as the result. It is really important to laugh at ourselves, our sins, and remember that white lie is still lie, and an affair is always affair and No. 13 has nothing to do with it.


Richard Willey, Member of Parlament  Petro Sova
George Pigden, secretary to the Prime Minister's Assistant  Andrii Kovalenko 4.12, 31.12  Vladyslav Meleshko 13.12 
Pamela Willey  Olena Chervonenko 4.12, 13.12  Hanna Hrinchak
Jane Worthington, secretary  Mariia Honcharova 4.12, 13.12  Darya Katashynska 13.12 
Ronnie Worthington, her husband  Dmytro Simonenko 13.12  Oleksandr SokolenkoOlexander Valyuk 4.12, 31.12 
Gladys, lady  Dina Andriichuk 4.12, 31.12  Kateryna Meleshko 13.12 
A Body, male, middle-aged  Evhen Ovcharov 4.12, 31.12  Vadym Yermishyn 13.12 
The Manager  Oleh Royenko 13.12  Victor Semyrozumenko 4.12, 31.12 
The Waiter  Hlib Suryaha 4.12  Stepan Yanchuk
The Maid  Mariia Agapitova 13.12  Helena Serhutina 4.12, 31.12