A Liar is Required!

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by Dimitris Psafas
Image A Liar is Required!Image A Liar is Required!
Liubov  Tyshchenko, Artem Yemtsov Mykhailo August, Liubov  Tyshchenko Victor Aldoshyn, Natalia Dolya Mykhailo August, Olena Topol Artem Yemtsov Natalia Dolya, Maxim Nikitin Illya Isaienko, Oleksandr Hrekov, Oleh Hudyk Artem Yemtsov, Liubov  Tyshchenko Taisiya  Boyko Mykhailo August, Vitaliy Meterchuk Liubov  Tyshchenko Liubov  Tyshchenko, Victor Aldoshyn Natalia Dolya Vitaliy Meterchuk, Valeriy Haifulyn, Artem Yemtsov Liubov  Tyshchenko, Artem Yemtsov Maksym Avksentiev, Zakhar Kermoshchuk, Andrii Kovalenko Artem Yemtsov Vitaliy Meterchuk, Volodymir Osadchiy, Vladyslava  Korovaii Artem Yemtsov, Liubov  Tyshchenko Kateryna Meleshko, Vladyslava  Korovaii, Artem Yemtsov Victor Aldoshyn, Olena Topol Artem Yemtsov, Liubov  Tyshchenko Iryna Doroshevska (Buchko) Volodymir Osadchiy Andrii Kovalenko, Victor Aldoshyn, Maksym Avksentiev Vitaliy Meterchuk, Valeriy Haifulyn, Victor Aldoshyn Victor Aldoshyn, Artem Yemtsov Dariia Khvostenko, Vladyslava  Korovaii, Mariia Agapitova
Age limit

Two-act comedy
Running time: 2 hours 40 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 10 October 2014

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14 December, Thursday
29 December, Friday
9 January, Tuesday
25 January, Thursday

Director – Oleg Nikitin
Set Designer – Olena Korchyna
Choreographer – Olga Goldys
Costume Designer – Olena Drobna
Artistic Director of the Production – Mykhailo Reznikovych 

Ancient Greek classical tragedies and comedies, times of antiquity, are almost not played now. But for the modern Greek rather sharp social comedy, written not so long ago, in the middle of the twentieth century, they took up the excitement at the Russian Drama Theater. Lesya Ukrainka! So, in October 2014, in the repertoire of the theater, the play by Greek playwright Dimitris Psafas “A liar is required!” will be presented to the audience.


Who is that liar? A regular boy with the talent to trick anyone. And, of course, he is just a godsend for the people's choice - a deputy (these figures have long and everywhere turned into comic characters), who promised the “golden mountains” to the gullible people, and after the elections he peacefully rested on the laurels of glory! Yes, a liar for him is a find, if not a single nuance, - the guy passionately fell in love with the deputy’ wife. No, this is not a social satire in the spirit of Aristophanes, and not the program “House Two”, but simply a rest for the whole family. With a handful of thoughts about the old truth, which is often forgotten, that if you lie all the time, then no one will believe you. Even if you are sincere more than ever!


Theofilos Ferekis, deputy  Victor AldoshynMykhailo August 14.12, 29.12 
Jenny, his wife  Natalia Dolya 14.12  Liubov Tyshchenko 29.12 
Tudoros Paralas, a liar  Maxim NikitinVitalii OvcharovArtem Yemtsov 14.12, 29.12 
Vrasidas, bodyguard  Vitaliy MeterchukDmytro Simonenko 14.12, 29.12  Hlib Suryaha
Pipitsa, secretary  Iryna Doroshevska (Buchko)Olena Topol 14.12, 29.12 
Agis, friend of the house of Perekis  Valeriy Haifulyn 14.12, 29.12  Petro Sova
Patatias, a man of the people  Olexander KhoroshkoVolodymir Osadchiy 14.12, 29.12  Vadym Yermishyn
Pitsa Kitsa, a dancer in a cabaret  Kateryna Meleshko 29.12  Olga Uzun 14.12 
Friends of Pitsa Kitsa  Mariia AgapitovaDina AndriichukDarya KatashynskaDariia KhvostenkoVladyslava KorovaiiKateryna MeleshkoNataliia SerhiienkoKateryna ShkolaOlga Uzun
Papioanna  Taisiya Boyko 14.12  Lyudmyla Kurmel 29.12  Nina Nizheradze
Bodyguards  Maksym AvksentievOleksandr HrekovOleh HudykIllya IsaienkoZakhar KermoshchukEvgen KhramtsovAndrii KovalenkoOlexander KriuchkovKyrylo NikolaevDmytro SimonenkoOleksandr SokolenkoHlib Suryaha