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by Brian Friel
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Oleksandr Kobzar Dariia Khvostenko Vladyslav Meleshko, Alisa Tunkevich Evhen Ovcharov, Dariia Khvostenko Andrii Kovalenko, Olga Uzun Dina Andriichuk, Iryna Doroshevska (Buchko), Zakhar Kermoshchuk Andrii Kovalenko, Vladyslav Meleshko, Kyrylo Parastaiev Iryna Doroshevska (Buchko), Andrii Kovalenko Andrii Kovalenko Iryna Doroshevska (Buchko) Kyrylo Parastaiev, Victor  Semyrozumenko Serhii Detiuk Illya Isaienko, Oleksandr Kobzar Alisa Tunkevich Victor  Semyrozumenko Oleksandr Kobzar, Kyrylo Parastaiev Evhen Ovcharov Iryna Doroshevska (Buchko), Zakhar Kermoshchuk Kyrylo Parastaiev Illya Isaienko, Olga Uzun Andrii Kovalenko Vladyslav Meleshko Dina Andriichuk Oleksandr Kobzar Illya Isaienko, Vladyslav Meleshko Oleksandr Kobzar Vladyslav Meleshko Olga Uzun Vladyslav Meleshko, Alisa Tunkevich Andrii Kovalenko, Evhen Ovcharov
Age limit

Drama. A play with intermission

Running time: 2 hours 50 min.

Performed in Ukrainian
Premiered on: 7 October 2022

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8 June, Saturday
16 July, Tuesday

Directed by Kyrylo Kashlikov
Scenography and costume design by Olena Drobna
Visual solutions by TETA-ARTS
Choreography by Iryna Klymenko
Sound design by Vlad Tenenbaum
Lighting by Ihor Holovachov
Stage speech coach Hanna Hrinchak
Video projection by Oleksii Rabin, Andrii Riabin, Oleksandr Shabanov
Assistant director Olha Vlasova
Translation from English by Teodoziia Zarivna

"To me this story is about people living in the age of change. About how this change impacts everyone personally and the society as a whole. About choice, dignity, love. About chossing a threshold beyond which one looses themselves..." – Kyrylo Kashlikov


"Nations don't die from a heart attack. They go mute first."" – the prophetic words by Lina Kostenko are a fitting epigraph to this play. The people of Ireland were captives of a British empire for 800 years. 800 years of a colonized people fighting for their freedom and independence... Only in 2005 the national language was reinstated as the language of the official written communication, and the age-old names were put back on the maps.
However, this play is not about a happy ending if there ever was one. It's about the beginning, long and systematic erasure of the national language and identity...

A group of British colonial soldiers arrive in a small conservative village. "We hope we're not intruding too much"... Their mission is to replace the local language with English, to adapt the local toponyms to ""proper royal form".


What's the big deal in changing names, one may remark? It very soon turns out that ""making new maps"" actually means "evicting local residents" and "inspecting the territory" translates as ""a military operation""...


Step by step the difficulties in translation build up towards hard choices: to abandon, quite literally, one's own name or to accept that every name is a beautiful formula with unique roots and that the core of what makes an identity will forever be hidden from outsiders.


The perfomance contains artificial smoke and loud noises and gunshots.


Manus  Andrii Kovalenko
Sarah  Iryna Doroshevska (Buchko)
Jimmy  Serhii Detiuk
Maire  Alisa Tunkevich 8.6  Olga Uzun
Doalty  Zakhar KermoshchukEvhen Ovcharov 8.6 
Bridget  Dina Andriichuk 8.6  Dariia Khvostenko
Hugh  Oleksandr Kobzar
Owen  Vladyslav Meleshko
Captain Lancey  Victor Semyrozumenko
Leiutenant Yolland  Illya IsaienkoKyrylo Parastaiev 8.6 
Locals  Mariia AgapitovaMaksym AvksentievDariia DyshkantSofiia GushchykMykhailo HanevMykhailo HnatіvIvan HolovkoOleksandr HrekovOleh HudykDarya KatashynskaViktoria LiulkaMykhailo MehedKateryna MeleshkoYaroslav PrykopYelysaveta RoyenkoHelena SerhutinaAnastasia ShestopalNikita SnisarenkoStepan Yanchuk